Private Chef’s Dinner with Keeper’s Heart Whiskey-March 17

Mar 17, 2023

7:00 pm

Dive into our 5-course private chef’s dinner series, paired with Keeper’s Heart barrel aged whiskeys and bourbons. Some of these whiskeys have been barrel aged in sherry and maple barrels, adding their own unique flavoring to each experience. Each course has been carefully created with its complementary spirit, with the pure intention of enhancing and engaging your flavor palette with its unique coupling.



At this dinner, you will hear from Chef Marque of Tullibee and learn how each course was created and sip on this special barrel aged whiskey.

This extraordinary event is limited to 20 seats. We welcome individuals and/or groups, and everything in between. Come together over the most time-honored experience, a meal well planned and intentionally executed

In between each course, you will hear from Chef Marque of Tullibee to understand the complexity of how each course came to be, based on the flavor palettes of the whiskey and bourbon pairings of Keeper’s Heart.

*We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions if notified of such upon booking. Due to the nature of the experience we will not be able to accommodate any changes the night of the dinner.

$180 per ticket includes the curated 5-course dining experience + the thoughtfully selected whiskey and bourbon pairing. (An N/A alternative is also available.)



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