Wine + Wellness Workshop SOLD OUT - Hewing Hotel
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Wine + Wellness Workshop SOLD OUT

Jan 23, 2022

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Okay, so it’s the New Year which means you’re watching lots of media and friends taut the benefits of a “Dry January” and you’re starting to think: ‘Should I be hopping on this trend?’
We get it! Everyone likes to kick the new year off strong and create healthier habits. Clean eating, clean living…but did you know that you can also actually ‘drink clean’ WITHOUT ditching your favorite grape-based beverage?
Let’s start with this — what if we told you that you DON’T have to give up wine and you DON’T have to join a ‘fake’ wine club that tells you what to drink — but instead TEACH you what to look for, what questions to ask and how to order and buy the best wines for your own palate, pocketbook AND your health?
Join us for an inspiring and fun evening with Amusée, Sip Better + Cépage owner, Leslee Miller. Leslee will show us that by learning a few things about a wine label and asking the right questions about wine, we can not only lead our palates but move our health in the right direction. She’ll show us how we can ditch wine headaches and soak up fewer calories — all the while supporting only small, family-owned farming families + their wines. It’s a win-win!
With the purchase of this class, not only do you learn the ins and outs to drinking healthy, but you’ll learn WHY and HOW glassware shapes matter!
Yep, we’ll taste a variety of Intl. boutique high-end wines while sampling them from 4 different glass shapes!
Oh wait! the BONUS? You’ll go home with ALL FOUR BEAUTIFUL RIEDEL STEMS! They’re all yours!
Here are the deets…
Come for the easy valet parking, amazing wine class and STAY for dinner at our bar & lounge or make it a mini-staycation and stay the night!



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