Journey through the Levant: A Private Chef’s Dinner at Tullibee

May 18, 2023

6:00 pm

Hewing Hotel and Tullibee’s chef Marque Collins will be hosting a special dinner, featuring cuisine from the Levant region, the region along the Eastern Mediterranean shores. Levant, (from the French lever, “to rise,” as in sunrise, meaning the east,) roughly corresponds to modern-day Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and certain adjacent areas.



Inspired by sous chef Aref Zalatimo, who was born in this region, this dinner will highlight a cuisine not often showcased in the Midwest. Served in multiple courses, the meal will feature Levantine dishes from the chef’s family and childhood, while also utilizing local ingredients and modern techniques.

The dinner will consist of multiple shared plates and will progress with the chef explaining the various dishes, their history and a story. Expect a spread and meal unlike any other in the twin cities, filled with old world flavors comprised in modern day dishes.

Your palette will be awakened with amazing fare, such as smoked mushroom hummus with black garlic, tuna kibbeh with compressed cucumbers, beef and pine nut stuffed eggplant, cinnamon grilled lamb kefta and chicken thigh kebabs with pomegranate and tahini.

We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions if notified in advance. However, the menu will feature meat, fish, seeds and nuts, and due to the nature of the experience, we will not be able to make modifications the night of the event.

Wine Pairings $45
Expand your flavor experience through an additional pairing option of a curated wine selection by our in-house sommelier. NA options available with advance notice.

Cocktail Pairings $60
Expand your flavor experience through an additional pairing option of a crafted cocktails from the Hewing’s master bartender. NA options available with advance notice.



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