Fall Harvest Fundraising Dinner

Oct 15, 2023

6:00 pm

Dine under the stars with live music, passed appetizers, and a 4-course dinner curated by Executive Chef Marque Collins accompanied with delicious wine pairings by Chris Foster from Libation Project. Hewing Hotel will donate all proceeds from The Fall Harvest Fundraiser Dinner to Project Sweetie Pie. Project Sweetie Pie is a nonprofit organization in North Minneapolis working since 2011 with individuals and partner organizations to achieve justice in the environment, food, climate, and economics.



“I dare say that we are building a legacy.” “We are harnessing the food of our ancestors and now it’s our turn as stewards to feed and care for families in the future.” ~ Founder and CEO Michael Chaney

Project Sweetie Pie is a staunch and passionate advocate for social change. A progressive non-profit, it continues to lead the way in the “Green Movement.” Since 2010 it has been a thought leader, the Johnny Appleseed of urban farming/local food production and has been the town crier, a vibrant singular voice advancing the need for increased public awareness, direct action centered on global warming/climate change on every available front in north Minneapolis and beyond.

Working with neighborhood residents, large and small non-profits, university scholars, faculty, and staff, member of the faith community, friends and neighbors it has challenged the status quo’s methods and protocols and the political and civic powers that be’s conventional wisdom that has left communities of color dead on arrival, disheveled and disenfranchised.

We have been vigilant in our efforts, demanding our fair share of the pie. Strategically we continue to navigate the societal potholes and the financial pitfalls that have rendered our communities hopeless, helpless, and hapless. and we continue to set new precedents/new goals.

With a heightened sense of urgency, we are steadfast in designing new innovative initiatives that are solutions based and that put us firmly on the road to recovery. Inform/infuse/inspire/instruct. We are committed to authentic, transformative change that is community led/community fed.

We stand resolutely on the front-line marketing and promoting a suite of initiatives that uplift equity and inclusion as the seeds of change that must fuel our nation’s future.”



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