Atrium Gallery Closing: “Ethereal Energies”

Oct 5, 2023

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Rainbow artworks on the floor and walls near our hotel in downtown MPLS

Engage, explore and say good bye! Tour through the Hewing Hotels Atrium Gallery and check out larger than life chakras, hand painted on the floor and mounted on the wall, from the talented Kelly Anderson. Kelly painted the vibrant and bold massive chakra mural by hand, following the lead from her internal, innate ability to lean into her instinctual style and design.

Jodi, from Jewelweed in Wayzata, added a curated selection of stunning crystals, aligned with the color palette of each chakra.



To honor and celebrate this stunning gallery, we are closing down with “Micro Chakra Art Sessions,” one-on-one, with Kelly Anderson. And a workshop called, “A Journey Thought the Chakras” by Jodi McKee from Jewelweed.” We’ll wrap up the evening with an open hour of exploration and casual conversation as we explore the floors and walls of the gallery.

4pm – 5:45pm “Micro Chakra Art Sessions” $45 per session
6pm – 7pm “A Journey Thought the Chakras” by Jodi McKee from Jewelweed.” $45 for the workshop
7pm – 8pm Gallery Open to the Public – No Fee



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