A Journey Through the Chakra’s with Jodi McKee from Jewelweed

Oct 5, 2023

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us as we explore & activate each chakra to enjoy a greater sense of vitality and harmony in our lives. The class is an experimental class. Learn to work with crystals, plants, oils and more to support and balance each chakra.



Each participate will receive a chakra card set + a chakra tumble stone set to deepen their understanding and personal practice.

Cost $45

Jodi McKee is a healer and entrepreneur. She understands there was a time when we knew nature was our greatest healer but many of us have lost the threads of this ancestral knowledge. Her wish is that we learn to take back what we have given to others; sovereignty over our lives and health. That every home has a healer, and this knowledge is honored, built upon, and passed down. When we nurture our connection to the earth and one another it brings us all greater health and wellbeing.

Jodi, a wife, and mother of three boys, has raised her family with the guidance of natural healers and herbal medicine. She is an avid gardener, wildcrafter, medicine maker, alchemist, and energy healer. She loves the water, books, crystals, plants, and long summer walks. She currently owns the shop of her dreams, named after a local wildflower, Jewelweed in Wayzata, Minnesota.

* Class is located in the Atrium Gallery on the 3rd Floor.

Website: https://jewelweed.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jewelweed.shop/ or @jewelweed.shop



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